Special Needs and Autism Awareness

Koa is selling T-shirts promoting autism awareness and special needs awareness.  There is also an ongoing Go Fund Me page were donations are accepted. One hundred percent of the proceeds from T-shirt sales and donations from the Go Fund Me page, go directly to keeping this class going as well as providing the children’s gi’s.  

Special Programs

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

For Special Needs and Autistic Students

This unique program at Koa is taught by Coach Mauricio Alonso and is the only type of its kind in this area. As a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and as a professional MMA fighter, Coach Mauricio Alonso taps into the children’s individual strengths and skills. Every class is filled with kindness, patience, and opportunities to learn Jiu Jitsu.  The program is adapted to what they can do individually so they can build their physical and social skills. People with special needs should be empowered by focusing on their abilities and not their disabilities. Not only do they have so many skills, but these people are often underestimated. The parents of children with special needs are also faced with the huge financial responsibilities of the many different therapies that are needed. The costs can be a couple of hundred dollars per month for one type of therapy alone.  This is the primary reason why this special needs Jiu Jitsu program is free for all special needs children. An activity such as Jiu Jitsu should not be a financial burden, but it should be used as an activity for fun and growth.

The parents are very happy with this program and are grateful that a program like this exists for their children. We hope to spread the word about autism and special needs.  

All special needs children are welcome ages 5 and up to be a part of the team for free every Saturday at 9:00 AM at Koa in Newark.

For more information, visit the Need to Believe website.

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