Paulina Gentry

Sports, nutrition and athleticism is a huge component of my life. I am a middle school PE teacher and love sharing my passion with my students as well as my CrossFit members. I have always been a competitive athlete. I played volleyball through high school and I enjoy playing recreationally as an adult. I went on to play softball at Ohlone Junior College in Fremont, CA. I have always been a competitive individual and when I stopped playing competitive sports, I had a void left in my life. Crossfit allowed me to fill that void by pushing myself on a daily basis. When I coach CrossFit, I get to show members their potential and help them reach it. Everyday you work hard with one another while also having some friendly competitions thrown in there. Our CrossFit community is almost like we have one huge team and everyone plays a different part in it. We all work together with one goal in mind, to maintain a healthy life.

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